Patient-facing Trial websites

From young to old, most patients are using Google to find out more about their disease and its symptoms. Which makes the internet the ideal tool to inform patients about the ins and outs of your trial(s).
We can assist you in setting up a highly attractive study website and ensure a high ranking in Search tools like Google.

In order to attract more patients to your study website, we can assist you in using Google Ads (Adwords). Google Ads are small advertissements which Google might show if a person searches for specific keywords. The Google Ad can then be linked to your study website.
Ads can be highly selective. For example, they can only be shown when a website visitor is searching for a specific disease-related term and is based within a 50 km radius around a participating hospital.

Multi-language Trial websites

Our versatile web-Portal allows to create multi-language study websites.
A screening form can be included to pre-screen patients and direct eligible patients to the nearest participating clinical site.

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