Handling of Medical Need Programs (MNP)

Each Medical Need Program involves a range of logistical and organisational requirements which have to be met. Ranging from registration of participating physicians and patients to the logistics of ordering and sending medications. Clinical Study-Portal has a number of tools available which can facilitate this process.

Registrations can be handled using the online data-entry tool. When needed, paper forms like a signed Informed Consent can be send in by email and will be handled by the Portal.
The built-in Visit Scheduler will inform physicians about scheduled patient visits. Automated triggers can be used to handle the logistics around ordering and sending of Medications to each Hospital.

Investigator-friendly MNP

We understand that participating in a Medical Need Program is not a core interest of most participating physicians. Therefore we have gone to great lengths to streamline and facilitate the workflow for physicians. The intuitive user interface is easy to use and a great time-saver.

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